"When women support women, amazing things can happen" - Viola Davis


I am Shira W Rose, a Portrait Photographer for women. My brand of Feminine Portraiture is designed to uplift women at all stages of life, and let me tell you, as an entrepreneur myself, I have a huge soft spot for an entrepreneurial sister. It's always been my mission to support women in the most positive and impactful way. With the intention to open up opportunities and connections for women-owned businesses, I am beginning a series featuring some of the badass boss babes that I have had the privilege to photograph. 

Meet Kenzi, a luxury brand and custom web designer based out of metro Raleigh-Durham. I've been a fan of Kenzi's creative work for years. When I discovered that Kenzi had this whole living on a farm backyard chicken momma thing going on, I knew I had to photograph her. We collaborated to create an on-location shoot plan that would give her images she could use across the board, both personally and professionally. We are talking an editorial vibe vision with a glam dress, all glammed up glam squad, and all kind of shoot. We booked it, planned it, and felt so excited by all the magic we would create featuring her adoring flock of chickens with a perfect sunset as our backdrop.

Most photographers know a shoot concept can change in the blink of an eye without any notice, and as such, we have to always be prepared to roll with a plan b even if there is not such an option in place. On the day of Kenzi's editorial vibe shoot... with exquisite gowns neatly placed in the back of my Suburban (check), fabrics and props packed too (check), and camera ready to go (check)... BOOM, just like that, mother nature announced she had something else in store for us, a massive (is that a tornado) kind of storm came out of nowhere. To set the scene, the bottom fell out when I was en-route to Kenzi's farm. All I could think about was how in the world are we going to make this work, especially with all plans being around a sunset beautiful farm backdrop shoot event. As I arrived, unpacked my car, and watched the final touchups of hair and makeup (thank you, Destiny Mendoza) occur, the downpour seemed to drag on. And again, just like that, it stopped, so with chickens wet and muddy, the ground all squishy, glam dresses in tow, and daylight quickly dimming, we just went for it altering whatever we could to make it work. In the end, the chickens did not get all the featured shots that we had hoped for, but we most certainly did not let an unexpected thunderstorm stop us from creating a memorable experience. Kenzi was absolutely incredible throughout the entire process, and let's just be honest, she slayed it. 

It is such a pleasure to support other women-owned businesses. Web branding or branding, in general, is such a personal experience. Finding a service that resonates most with your brand is not always easy to find. Some people are drawn to dark and moody (me) and others light and airy, so no two branding businesses are alike. If you are in the market for someone passionate about helping luxury service providers with branding and web development needs, I encourage you to consider Kenzi.

Kenzi is now booking business for Fall & Winter 2021. You can learn more about her web design business and her fabulous flock (she's got merch) via the following:

Kenzi Green Design

Website: www.kenzigreendesign.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kenzigreendesign/

Flock 4 You

Instagram: www.instagram.com/theflock4you/

Etsy Store: www.etsy.com/shop/theflock4you

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