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I did it!

It's no secret that I am passionate about the "art of photography." That is right; the "art" of photography. I have come to realize that photography is very much an art as it is a moment in time captured in a manner that best translates how I view my subject. The best way to put it, to capture that what makes another human uniquely beautiful to the point you can almost see one's soul, is the ultimate goal when I use my camera. 

It is important that I continue to grow not only for myself but for the people that sit before my camera. Part of growing is making yourself vulnerable to your peers, particularly the ones who have mastered their craft and serve as experts in the field of Portrait Photography. It takes some courage to put your work in front of your peers to be critiqued and judged. The judging process can be quite detailed, for example, your image can be seen as quite extraordinary to most, but be ruled as not at an award-winning level should there be a blurred eyelash, a missed blemish, a stray hair, you get the idea. So with this in mind, in the name of growing my craft, I went for the gusto in submitting my work to probably one of the toughest audiences to impress, The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation.

So three cheers to me for mustering up the courage to be vulnerable enough to put my work out there to be reviewed under the magnifying glass of leaders in the field of Portrait Photography. I did it, I did it, I did it!!! YES!!! I am so proud to announce three Shira W Rose Studio images received Bronze level recognition under the category for Contemporary Portrait. It is a pretty big deal, and I will take it!! I want to thank my clients for not only giving me the greatest pleasure to photograph them but also to submit their beautiful images in this coveted award and accreditation program. 

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