Modern Femininity

When was the last time you gave that which makes you feminine much thought? As an off-the-charts ADHD-riddled busy mom of two and a small business owner, up until recently, my answer would have been, "ummmm never." As a portrait photographer for women, it recently hit me like a ton of bricks... I am witnessing through my lens a transformation of the very definition of femininity. You would expect it to come from my younger clients, and trust me, it does. But truthfully, I marvel as I witness this shift in my clients in their 50s as they, too, are very much embracing and redefining what femininity is to a woman in her midlife. 

This quote from a spokeswoman for Always is truthfully what started this conversation in my head. It explains the modern, feminine woman briefly and beautifully.  

"New femininity is about having a combination of both soft and strong attributes. The modern woman 

has the balance of being able to show a soft and supportive side, while at the same time, demonstrating 

strength – she is resilient, knows what she wants and speaks her mind."

Now I am not saying we toss away that which defined the era of femininity in the time of our mothers and grandmothers... A modern version of that era raised me. However, I am inspired by the enhancement and expansion to feel no shame in embracing the entirety of the power we have as feminine beings. 

Today, I am giving myself that nudge to join the party ... to embrace those things that make me a feminine queen. It will be transformational. Join me... we can help each other along the way.

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