A Senior Portrait Experience that Transformed My Daughter

As a mother, witnessing my daughters' journey into womanhood is both exhilarating and bittersweet. There are so many things I want her to know, to feel, and to understand how to be a woman in the world. I strive to empower her in a way that I did not know at her age, instill confidence that carries her through the low spots, and help her embrace the unique self that gives her every advantage to accomplish her goals. 

It may seem trite and a little vain that I booked a session for senior portraits to give her those things. I can tell her every day how amazing she is. I can offer advice and insight on how to navigate this new world she is leaping into. I can build her up every day and tell her how truly amazing she is, but what I can not do is show her the way the world sees her. 

A Milestone Worth Documenting:

For most girls, senior year marks a significant milestone in a young person's life. It's a time of transition, self-discovery, and the anticipation of new beginnings. Recognizing the importance of this stage, I sought out a photographer who understood that this photoshoot was about more than vanity; it was an opportunity to gift my daughter a deeper sense of confidence and self-assurance. I knew Shira and her work. She creates visual art with her camera and keen eye. She builds women up. And most of all she empowers women. I knew it would be a transformative experience for Ruby that would allow her to see the extraordinary woman she has matured into. This collaboration with Shira and Ruby has forever embedded a confidence in my daughter that will carry her through phases of life where she will be put in situations where she may not make the cut or reach her goals as she has mapped and planned but with the confidence to persevere she will be successful. 

The Power of Perspective:

Ruby and I met with Shira two weeks before her perspective shoot. Shira listened to Ruby and her vision for something that was more than the traditional senior shoot. She immediately and with great care understood the profound impact this experience could have on my daughter's life. It was about capturing Ruby's essence and showing her how the world sees her, mirroring how I see her daily. With an ardent eye for detail and a genuine passion for her craft, Shira created a safe and nurturing space where Ruby could flourish.

Awe-Inspiring Transformation:

Ruby embarked on this photoshoot with a sense of curiosity, anticipation, and nerves. I must admit I voiced that Ruby would need some extra coaching with what to do in front of the camera. As the session unfolded, something remarkable happened. My daughter proved me wrong in so many ways. I watched as Ruby tapped into an inner strength and self-assuredness that took my breath away. It was as if she had unlocked a next-level understanding of herself, radiating a newfound sense of poise and grace.

The Gift of Lasting Confidence:

The experience provided Ruby with a tangible reminder of her worth and beauty. The portraits captured not just her physical appearance but also her spirit, resilience, and potential. They serve as a constant reminder that she possesses the power to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. In a world that often undermines young women's confidence, these portraits stand as a testament to her strength and individuality.

For the moms encouraging their daughters to make their stand in the world: 

Choose to go beyond societal expectations and conventional norms. Invest in an experience for your daughters. Gift them with something immeasurable—an unwavering belief in themselves. It is so important to build and encourage self-confidence in our young women, especially at this pivotal time when they face uncertainty and self-doubt moving into the real-life adult world. 

The senior portrait experience with Shira transformed a young woman's perception of herself. Through Shira’s artistic and extremely talented lens, and my unwavering love as a mother, Ruby's senior portrait experience became a catalyst for her growth, confidence, and self-discovery. It served as a reminder of her unique beauty and individuality, and it will forever remain etched in my memory as a testament to the extraordinary woman she has become. 

As mothers, we have the privilege and responsibility to empower our daughters, helping them recognize their own exceptional qualities. The senior portrait experience with Shira was approached with intention and love and equated to a powerful tool in this journey of self-discovery and confidence-building for Ruby. Originally, I thought I was gifting Ruby some beautiful pictures to remember this milestone in her life, but ultimately the experience with Shira gifted two parts. One part to Ruby that opened her eyes to all she is capable of and one part to myself that I was able to witness this amazing transformation from an apprehensive girl to an amazing vibrant woman ready to experience all the things life will throw at her. 

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Guest blogger

Thank you to Shannon George for sharing this deeply personal journey with us, and thank you for entrusting Shira W Rose Studios with such a significant moment in Ruby's life. Your narrative is a celebration of growth, empowerment, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter. The words and experiences shared, inspire us all to embrace our own journeys with courage and grace. I am truly inspired by your commitment to empowering Ruby with confidence and self-assurance. It shines brightly through your narrative.

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Guest blogger Shannon George with her beautiful daughter Ruby.

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