A Guide to discover your Maternity Photography Vibe

So you're expecting a baby? Mazeltov, this is beautiful news! Now, as you dive into the world of maternity photography, the array of options might feel overwhelming. But don't fret—I've got your back. Consider this your friendly guide through the diverse world of maternity photography and the various vibes to consider.

Let's start with the very first step: considering the style that aligns best with your dream imagery. Here are some shoot styles to ponder:

1. Classic Elegance: Imagine timeless, refined portraits—soft lighting, elegant poses, and a focus on the beauty of this miraculous time. Classic maternity photography embodies simplicity and grace, often captured in studio settings or minimalistic backdrops, highlighting the pure essence of pregnancy.

2. Nature's Embrace: For those craving a touch of the outdoors, nature-inspired maternity photography beckons. Picture serene landscapes, lush gardens, or golden sunsets as your backdrop. These sessions capture the beauty of nature in tandem with your maternal glow, offering a natural and ethereal feel.

3. Intimate Boudoir Vibe: Seeking something more intimate? Enter the realm of maternity boudoir photography. It's about celebrating femininity and the incredible transformation of your body in a more private and romantic setting, often shot indoors with a focus on delicate details.

4. Candid Lifestyle Moments: If you're all about authenticity and genuine emotions, the candid lifestyle approach might speak to you. These sessions capture the everyday moments—snuggles at home, joyful walks, or the laughter shared with loved ones. It's about telling your story in the most natural and heartfelt way.

5. Artistic Expression: Craving a touch of artistry? Enter the world of fine art maternity photography. Think creative compositions, unique lighting, and a painterly quality to your portraits. These sessions offer a more artistic and imaginative take on capturing the beauty of pregnancy.

6. Family-Centric Portraits: Finally, there's the heartwarming family-focused style. These sessions involve including your partner and any other children in the frame, capturing the joy and anticipation of the entire family as you await the newest addition.

Remember, choosing a maternity photography style is about finding what resonates with you, what speaks to your soul, and mirrors your unique story. It's about capturing this special moment in time—how do you envision remembering it visually?

Now that you've identified your preferred vibe, let’s find your photographer. Not all photographers have a studio, some prefer lifestyle, some have elegant gowns, some will glam you up hype squad and all, and some prefer just to keep it family style. Here are some potential keywords and phrases to help you connect with your ideal photographer:

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Now, you might be asking yourself, "Isn’t she (me, Shira W Rose) a maternity photographer?" Absolutely yes. I love what I do, but selecting your photographer is a personal choice, especially for such an intimate and cherished session. So, while I'd love to work with you, my priority is that you follow your heart in finding what’s best for you.

My intention with this blog was to inform expecting mothers about their options, how to find their ideal photographer, and guide them to document this beautiful time in their lives.

Embrace this journey, soak in every moment, and remember—no matter who you book a maternity photography session with, ensure their work speaks to your heart. Don’t base it solely on price. Your story deserves to be captured authentically.

xoxo - Shira


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Maternity portraiture is a powerful and meaningful way to honor the beauty, love, and transformation of pregnancy. It holds deep emotional significance for expectant mothers and their families, providing a timeless reminder of this remarkable and precious time in their lives. Shira W Rose Photography and her team are known as one of the top professional maternity photographers in creating stunning editorial maternity portraits, artistic b&w silhouettes, and beautiful pregnancy art.

To get the most stunning and radiant maternity photos, scheduling your session between 29 and 35 weeks is recommended. If you fall over the 35-week timeline don't worry one minute as we can create something special for you.

So let's start planning together! Share with us all about your dream photoshoot - what inspires you? What emotions do you want these photographs to evoke? With our expertise combined with your vision, we'll create mesmerizing portraits that will be cherished for years to come.