Inspirational Muse

Will you be my muse?

As a photographer, my journey has been one of evolution and growth. In the beginning, I adhered to industry standards, aiming to secure clients and build confidence in my craft. And while I've found success in that approach, there have been moments where I've ventured beyond those lines—and let me tell you, it's exhilarating. My soul sings in those moments, and I've noticed that yours does too, judging by your heartfelt reactions to those images—your comments, likes, loves, and shares.

I am most truly in my element when I capture imagery exactly as I see the women who sit before my camera: as a work of art, every single ounce of you. It's time to create something that allows you the space to feel just that—beautiful in your own skin. I'm on a mission to transform the way women are captured through my photography. It's about breaking free from the ordinary and reimagining beauty beyond the confines of traditional photography standards. Every click of my camera is a step toward authenticity, diversity, and empowerment. 

This elevation of how I desire to photograph women is something that has been speaking to my heart… my soul lately. It is something I deeply want to explore. Join me as I redefine the narrative, celebrating the unique essence of every woman through my lens. To help me capture imagery that resonates with this story, I'm searching for women who are drawn to my portrait style and feel called to a feminine portrait session to serve as an inspirational muse. It is perfect for anyone who truly wants to feel seen and ready to embrace themselves as the beautiful being that they are in the right here and the right now. And here's the best part: this is for any woman who wants to feel seen authentically. Any age, any body type, and any realm of feminine portraiture from fully clothed to fine art nude. All that matters is your willingness to embrace your beauty and authenticity—to be part of a transformative experience that celebrates you, just as you are.

I have booked a breathtaking venue on a sprawling estate for a day of creative feminine portraiture for my Muse sessions, allowing space for 4 participants.

Shoot Inspiration

Inspirational Muse

Become a Muse of Empowerment

As a MUSE and as a thank you for helping me define the fine art portrait style that I am seeking, you will be provided a feminine portrait experience at a very discounted rate in exchange for signing a model release so that images & video from your session can be used on my website and social media.

The Breakdown

PURPOSE: I'm seeking women to photograph in this style to define and refine my creative process.

YOUR ROLE: As a Muse, you'll experience this at a discounted rate in exchange for a model release.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: A pre-shoot Zoom consultation, collaborative mood board, access to my studio wardrobe, and a 90-minute Feminine Portrait session directed by me.

YOUR TAKEAWAY: 10 high-resolution downloadable digitals of your choice.

INVESTMENT: $650.00 (a $1550 value)

Who Are We Looking For?

CRITERIA: Any woman over the age of 21 is welcome.

REQUIREMENTS: Your appearance, dress, or camera experience doesn't matter. Just bring your gorgeous self, if you have freckles... bring them, tattoos bring them... curly hair... no hair... bring all of who you are authentically. Desire to be seen as the beautiful powerful being that you are authentically is a must.

Model Release: In exchange for the discounted rate, clients must be willing to sign a model release.

When & Where?

DATE: Saturday, April 20th

TIME SLOT OPTIONS: Choose from four options: 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 12:30 PM, or 2:00 PM

LOCATION: Oxbow Estate, Clayton, NC. Located on the Neuse River this elegant estate looks like a European countryside estate right out of a fairytale. The setting is romantic, elegant, and refinement at its best. The ideal backdrop for a Fine Art Feminine portrait session of this nature.

How to Participate:

APPLICATION: Fill out the below application.

SECURE YOUR SPOT: Once you decide you want to book a session, an invoice will sent. To secure your spot payment in full is due within 24 hours of the invoice submission.

Soooo excited to create magic together!

To participate, complete the following form:

Shoot Inspiration

Ready to book... hell yes!!! Select the time slot that is best for you. Have questions? No problem. Please ask in the tell me about yourself box.


What is Fine Art Feminine Portraiture?

Feminine Portraiture is a style of photography that celebrates and empowers women. It can encompass elegant gowns, modern minimalist, black & white portraiture with a romantic vibe, all the way to tasteful implied fine-art nudes. Each session is intimate and personal and designed around the client's desired outcome. An important element to include is feminine portraiture can be beauty, boudoir.... and elegant maternity too. There is no one size fits all.

Do I have to get naked?

Hell no...but ya can!! The intent of Feminine Portraiture can mean different things to different people. For Shira W Rose Studios, it's a movement to reconstruct the beauty & boudoir genre to celebrate and inspire a message of body-positive, self-love & acceptance of all body types. It's a gift for yourself first rather than for another. It is a celebration of you on your terms, embracing and even falling in love with those little details you think are flaws, the curves, those tiny imperfections that make you...more beautiful and unique because every ounce of it is you.

Our clients are made up of women who are recognizing a transition of some form within their lives. They may be newly partnered, newly single, planning a family, done having children, or feeling healthy again after illness. They are acknowledging who they are and where they are in their lives right here and right now.

Feminine Portraiture is about you embracing yourself and seeing yourself for the extraordinarily beautiful being that you are today, not 15 pounds from now, not perfect abs from now...just today and now.

Is hair & makeup included?

For this offering no. The purpose of this session is to come as you are. Embrace the skin that you are in. You can absolutely come with makeup.. or no makeup at all. The choice is up to you.

What is a session like?

It is Exhilarating! It starts with the preplanning session, discovering your vision, making wardrobe choices & styling ideas to get things rolling. Now I ain't gonna lie, on the day of the shoot, for some, it may take a little warming up to get out of our heads and into our bodies. That is short-lived. As you begin to feel more comfortable, the beautiful, brave & authentic you soon reveals itself and it is magical. Then we make some magic as we capture the beautiful authentic version of you one image at a time. You will feel amazing, I promise.

What do I wear?

Whatever you want. All sessions include a wardrobe consultation where we will discuss what makes you feel the most amazing. For some, it's silk; for others, your favorite oversized off-the-shoulder sweater. And some want to wear nothing at all. It's whatever makes you feel like the divinely feminine being you are. I will be with you in choosing your wardrobe every step of the way. You will have access to my studio wardrobe however you are encouraged to bring an outfit that you love. It can be a dress, an oversized sweater... it can be anything that makes you feel like you.

Can I purchase more images?

Yes. Absolutely. You can apply the $850 session fee towards any standard package offering. For ala carte images, I will give you pricing based on the amount of images you are interested in purchasing. Ala Carte images start at $250 per image.